5-D Vibration

What It Means To Get Stabilized in the 5-D Vibration of God

LivingInReality-AngelReadingsByZARANow is a very exciting time to live. As everyone who’s living now knows, our entire earth has become very strange, and far different from anything we’ve experienced before.

I’m reminded of the first words in Charles Dickens’ famous book, A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.”  That book was about the beginning of the French Revolution when wealthy, elitist, French aristocrats were living lives of opulent luxury, while simultaneously, the peasants living in France were forced to live in such extreme poverty that they had no food to eat, and thus, were starving.

There is an anecdotal story that one of Marie Antoinette’s advisors, in attempting to make her understand the gravity and of the situation, said to her, “But Madam, the people are starving.  They have no bread.”, to which she stupidly and  famously retorted, “Let them eat cake!” While this story may not be authentic, the point is still strong—that big problems were developing that the elites were too foolish to take seriously, and which, in the end, cost them their heads.

Now, as then, we’re living in a time of a huge dichotomy. Two realities are taking place simultaneously. This is happening not only in the outer world, but it also relates to the inner world that we’re experiencing in our minds and souls.

The earth’s vibration…

The truth is, the entire earth is now moving into a higher vibration. Each day, the vibrations are becoming higher and higher, and people are waking up. They’re waking up to Truth, and they’re waking up spiritually as well.

Of course, not everyone is the same, and different people are experiencing the vibrations differently. Some people are so asleep and so inured in the comfort of their virtual sleep state, that those they are not waking up at all. They want to remain asleep, and they will fight to stay that way. Most of those people will stay in 3-D, or even go down into 2-D, if they possibly can; but they won’t wake up no matter what you do to try to wake them up.

DailyChoicesequalReality-AngelReadingsByZARAOn the other hand, some people, including you who are reading this, are moving into a higher vibration and higher reality that is referred to as 5-D. I say YOU who are reading this are moving into a higher vibration, because I know you are. That’s why you were attracted to read this article. You were drawn here…you chose to be here…

Another thing that is good for you to know is that while you are now moving into a higher, more beautiful 5-D reality, it is still very likely that you are slipping between both 5-D and 3-D realities. In 5-D, you are filled with joy, hope, optimism, enthusiasm, love for God, love for others, a connection with the earth and with all of God’s creation, including plants and animals.  In 5-D, you also have strong intuition, healing abilities, precognizance, inner peace, and a light and happy heart.  3-D, on the other hand, is slower, less powerful, more desperate, oftentimes competitive, sometimes depressed, and less connected to God and God’s creation.

In our collective lifetimes, up to this point, almost every single human being has been living in 3-D. But now, with the Schumann Resonance and positive vibrations of the earth drastically rising so dramatically at this time, large numbers of people are graduating into 5-D. Yet, as you move into 5-D, you’re still experiencing 3-D as well.  This is because you’re not yet stabilized in 5-D. So sometimes, especially when you’re tired or sick, on occasion you can still  slip down into 3-D.

Stabilizing into 5-D

My purpose in expressing this to you is to help you recognize that slipping down into 3-D at times is normal, and is nothing for you to worry about; but it’s still not a vibration you want to stay in. The way to beat it is to consciously, and with effort, just pull yourself up into 5-D as quickly as you can. The way to do that can vary, but what I try to do when that happens to me is I start thinking of my blessings. As I think of my blessings, I get happier and happier, because the vibrations of thinking about and remembering happiness and joy brings more happiness and joy. I also like to apply Faith to my feelings:

  • ApplyFaith-AngelReadingsByZARAFaith that everything is going to turn out alright.
  • Faith that God is in control.
  • Faith that everything turns out in the end.
  • Faith that God is real.
  • Faith that healing with our thoughts and minds can actually work.
  • Faith that God loves me and God will always bring me whatever I need.

You can do the same things as I do. As I said before, lots of people who are going into 5-D are slipping into both realities at different times. In order to know which reality you’re in at any given time, just notice how your heart is doing. Are you feeling happy, joyful, optimistic and faithful?  Or are you feeling down, depressed, worried and desperate?  If you’re feeling joyful, etc., you’re in 5-D. If so, just hold it there, and enjoy. If not, the best thing to do is find something to lift your spirits. As I mentioned, I like to think about my blessings in order to bring up my vibrations. Another thing you can do is to get out in the sunshine, get out in nature, and/or turn on joyful music—especially classical selections such as the music of Mozart. You can also dance, sing, pray, meditate, or just go out and smell the flowers! There are sundry ways of getting yourself in a higher vibration.

Why do this? Because it will make you feel better, will make others like you and want to be around you—including your pets and other animals. When you are on a higher vibration, you exude a positive energy that makes everyone happy.  People will enjoy being around you, but even more importantly…YOU WILL ENJOY BEING AROUND YOURSELF!

When you get yourself on a higher vibration, and do your best to keep it that way, you enjoy life more, and you’ll also be more pleasing to God. What is more important than that? Absolutely nothing!

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