Truth About Incarnated Angels

What is the Real Truth About Incarnated Angels?

ZARAI’m a professional Psychic/Angel Reader and in 1996, while doing a reading for a client, Archangel Michael told me that the client I was doing a reading for at that moment was really an Incarnated Angel, and he gave me several messages about her. When I told my client that she was really an Incarnated Angel, she was astonished,  but she also said that several things about it made sense because she remembered knowing this when she was a child, and she was very moved by the revelation.

To my knowledge, this was the first time that the notion of Incarnated Angels was shared in a public way. Before this time, the concept of Incarnated Angels was unheard of, and whenever I told people about this revelation, the idea caught people by surprise.

After this first occurrence several other people who came for readings were told through my mediumship that they were Incarnated Angels as well. When I wondered about the likelihood of so many Incarnated Angels just happening to come to me, Archangel Michael told me that part of my purpose for being here on earth is to be an Angel Advocate. That is, I am here to clear, guide, teach and be an Emotional Advocate for the Incarnated Angels. In fact, as Archangel Michael revealed to me, being an Angel Advocate is my unique position.  No one else has that particular job.

Some time later, some of my students carried the concept of Incarnated Angels to other professional angel people who, as they reported, had never heard of Incarnated Angels before, but who then used the idea and included the idea of Incarnated Angels in their blogs and books without understanding the truth, and without the benefit of meditation and Divine Communion.  Unfortunately, much of what they have said about Incarnated Angels is misleading and incorrect.  

The truth about Incarnated Angels…

For instance, these people claim that Incarnated Angels have “sweet facial features”, are usually blond and blue eyed, (which sounds almost racist to me, and is certainly incorrect), and that they have histories of compulsive overeating, which has nothing whatever to do with being an Incarnated Angel.  

I feel it is unwise for people to make claims about Incarnated Angels when they have no true knowledge of who the Incarnated Angels are and what their presence here really means. For this reason, I’ve chosen to write this blog not only describing the Incarnated Angels, but will also serve as a guide for how to proceed as an Incarnated Angel living here on Earth.

Archangel Michael - ZARAAnother aspect is that Incarnated Angels are real and they need real help, so when they are told misleading  information while they are looking for the truth, healing and guidance, they can easily feel more depressed and confused than ever.  That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m writing this blog.  I’m  an Angel Advocate, and I have received my information about the meaning, purpose, characteristics, etc., through direct experience–through meditation, through Divine Experiences, and through direct channeling from Archangel Michael who chose me, ZARA ANGEL, as his medium.

The Concept of Incarnated Angels

The concept of Incarnated Angels is not just a fairy tale that people are entitled to use their imaginations about to come up with whatever suits their fancy.  Incarnated Angels are here to fulfill specific divine purposes on the earth, and the purpose that they are here to express is always extremely important, so once again…it is important that the information they receive is right on and accurate.  

The fact is, Incarnated Angels have a difficult time here on earth.  They’re very sensitive and because the Dark Side does not want them to accomplish their Purposes of spreading love and light and helping others, Incarnated Angels get attacked a lot.  And because virtually all Incarnated Angels suffer numerous bitter attacks from jealous, angry, hateful people, and are often the victims of exceptional trauma due to the attacks, they are often very vulnerable.

Messagesfromtheangels-ZARA-OceanShores-WATherefore, misleading, incorrect information can further serve to cause them additional trauma and/or depression as they read absurd information that Incarnated Angels have angel-shaped faces and are only blond, etc.  Again, in reality, while some Incarnated Angels are blond, etc., many are not.  Hair color has nothing whatever to do with it.

What Incarnated Angels that have been confused and/or traumatized need is someone who knows the answers to their questions and can truly guide them into understanding who they really are, and who the other people really are who’ve been harassing them.  They need to know the real answers–the truth.  And they also need full clearing–of the type I have been commissioned by the Angels to do.

While some angels have sweet facial features, etc., for the most part, facial features have nothing to do with what it takes to be an Incarnated Angel here on this earth.  In fact, Incarnated Angels come in all races, both sexes, and all hair color and body types.  In the body, their physical types vary greatly.  It is just their personalities and spiritual characteristics that show some consistency…as you can read in my next article.

In truth, Incarnated Angels come in all sizes, all colors and virtually with all types of physical characteristics.  In fact, for the most part, physical characteristics have nothing to do with it.  Incarnated Angels are often very pretty–but not always, and that’s okay.

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