Talk With The Angels

How Can You Talk With The Angels?

TalkWithAngels-ZARAIf you would like the benefit of directly receiving messages from angels, you need to develop vibrations of love in your heart and aura so you can attract the equally loving vibrations of angels. In order to do this, begin by choosing to be grateful for everything that is, without judgment. This attitude of gratitude—not only for the gifts of life, but for whatever life has to offer—will open your heart and help make you ready for angels to directly commune with you. At that point, you can follow the steps below:

Practical steps to help you talk with the angels:

Start an Angel Journal
Have your journal and a pen ready before you start. Then…

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed so that you can use this place to commune with angels daily
  2. Choose a regular time to meditate for at least a half-hour each day. This meditation will strengthen your aura and help prepare you to call in angels
  3. Begin meditation with a prayer of protection, and ask the angels to guide you
  4. After meditation, sit quietly, asking the angels of light to come into your life and bring you helpful messages
  5. Pay close attention to subtle thoughts and impressions that spring forth
  6. AngelJournal-ZARACheck with your heart to see whether those thoughts and impressions are coming from love
  7. Write down all thoughts and impressions that come from love
  8. End your session with a prayer of appreciation
  9. Choose each day to actively follow the guidance you have received from the loving messages you have written in your angel journal

The key to communing with angels…

If you continue the daily practice I’ve outlined, over time, you will get results. The angels are here to help you, and they want to commune with you. When you continually do your part, they will do their part. Success will be forthcoming. Your part is to persist in practicing the steps I’ve outlined above.

Once your communion with angels begins, as long as you maintain a loving attitude, your communion will continually grow stronger. Then, through angel insight and angel communion, you will discover the benefit of a fuller, richer life, and you will feel more love, more joy and greater peace in your heart than ever before.

And besides all this, you will find that many problems you used to worry about will begin to work themselves through, and you will feel blessings from the Divine at work in your life.


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