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My Beginning in Professional Psychic Angel Readings

ProfessionalREading-ZARAMy first location for doing professional “Psychic Angel Readings” was a premium metaphysical bookstore located in Bellevue, Washington.  When I met the people who ran the shop, who of course, had never heard of “Angel Readings” before, (since Angel Readings, as far as I know, did not exist before then), they invited me to give them a “test run” to determine whether they wanted to bring me on-board as an in-house Psychic Reader.  The appointment got scheduled and in June of 1996, I provided a “test run” for Lila (a pseudonym), a top decision maker for their store.

The reading began with no prior information…

Not giving me any hints about her life and circumstances before the Psychic Angel Reading began, she was shocked when everything I channeled during her reading was exactly correct.  She indicated her surprise by saying the following words to me, “I did not have to tell you anything, yet everything you said about me was spot-on.  You’re amazing!  How do you do that?”

TearsofJoy-ZARAIn fact, the words and spot-on Angelic Messages she received during her Psychic Angel Reading touched her so deeply, tears came to her eyes.  She told me she especially liked the way I did her reading (the format), and although she’d had many Psychic Readings in the past, my Angel Readings were unique.

In her Angel Reading, I gave her messages about her soul, her life purpose, and the challenges she was currently facing in her life.

Here’s a brief outline concerning the format I used for Lila’s first Angel Reading with ZARA:

The Angels and I offered her practical, pragmatic solutions for each topic discussed.

The Angels and I gave her “energetic clearing”, helping to clear her issues so that even problems which formerly seemed insurmountable could be reasonably addressed, tackled, and sometimes overcome.

Her experience with an Angel Reading…

I started with a prayer, cleared out negative entities, and then…Messages From the Angels within the Angel Reading for Lila came through.  Soon, the Angelic Messages that came forth about who she  was on the deepest level of her soul, the kinds of problems she was dealing with that she had not shared with me, and the incredible accuracy that was undeniable to her had Lila in tears.  She felt understood, loved, and appreciated by the angels, who, in addition to describing her accurately through my mediumship, also aided me in doing “energetic clearing” for Lila, as well as coaching her with the aid of incredible insight from the angels and me.


“This reading changed my life for the better, the reading was 100 percent accurate, words can’t explain what it feels like to finally know what my purpose in life is, and why I am the way I am, I have never felt this positive in my life, I see no road blocks in my future, I now see a clear path, I am so blessed, she is indeed an angel.”  – Melanie, NY


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