Need for Incarnated Angels

Why the Earth Needs Incarnated Angels


My last article was about when I Introduced Incarnated Angels, and talked about their very important purposes on earth. Today I would like to talk about the need we have on earth for them, and introduce you to a very special Incarnated Angel.

There is a need for Incarnated Angels to be here. The angel work they do quite naturally, such as being kind to strangers, bringing encouragement to people who are feeling sad, showing others by example how everyone should behave, (e.g., doing volunteer work, standing up for the oppressed, exemplifying integrity, courage and steadfastness), is very important. Without their beneficial presence and the guidance they offer for people in their midst, the earth might be completely lost.

In my article, “Victory of the Angels”, I wrote:

They are the Teachers, the Healers, the Philosophers, the ones who brought in all harmonious art and music for the world to enjoy.”

Albert Schweitzer was an example of an Incarnated Angel…

AlbertSchweitzer-AngelReadingsByZARAAmong other things, he was a medical missionary, who, at his own expense, took his medical knowledge to Africa, on the Ogooue river, in what is now Gabon, in Africa (then a French colony). To give a good example of what he accomplished – over the first nine months, he helped 2,000 people, many of whom traveled many days and hundreds of miles to receive the medical care he offered.

He was also a theologian, an organist, and a philosopher, not to mention countless other accomplishments such as writing several volumes on the works of Bach, (also an Incarnated Angel), playing the organ beautifully, even rebuilding organs, which would otherwise have become lost, and the list goes on and on…In other words, because they were so numerous and immense, the accomplishments he made in one lifetime were almost beyond belief.

Incarnated Angels are regular, everyday people…

No, I’m not saying that all Incarnated Angels accomplish as much as Albert Schweitzer did. In fact, most Incarnated Angels, like regular humans, are lucky if they accomplish much at all. It’s easy to get caught up in the difficulties of life. Because they have bodies, they have to take care of them, and that in itself is complicated and time consuming.

MartinLutherKingJr-AngelReadingsbyZARABut Incarnated Angels do have a strong tendency to do good and I want to encourage that…so I feel that sharing the story of Albert Schweitzer may help the Incarnated Angels who are reading this to take their role seriously enough to make up their minds to do everything they can to help make the world a better place by doing things such as performing simple acts of kindness, and if they have a mind to do it, think of even bigger, better contributions to humanity than they ever believed they could accomplish before, and follow in the footsteps of great humanitarians like Albert Schweitzer and courageous reformers like Martin Luther King, Jr.

Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”  – Martin Luther King Jr.

What gave me the strength to be who I am…

VolunteerZARA-AngelReadingsbyZARASometimes people ask me if I’m an Incarnated Angel and of course, the answer is “yes”. I knew who I really was when I was a small child and I remember the comments people, such as my mother made about me. She knew I was different, and fortunately, because she too was an Incarnated Angel, she accepted me quite well. I also felt accepted by my aunt and my sister and the acceptance of those three of those women – my mom, my aunt and my sister – I gained the foundation of self-confidence that has helped me to be what I am today, and without which, I could not be the Angel Advocate that I am.

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