Incarnated Angels

What are Incarnated Angels?

Earth Angels - Angel Readings by ZaraThere was a time when the good angels that always remained on God’s side, only influenced people through  intuition and showed up in visions.

Sometimes, they even temporarily came into a human body and interacted with humans: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  Hebrews 13:2 

Eventually, things got bad on earth, and numbers of humans who had once been innocent but who had been influenced and deceived by the fallen angels, (demons), were corrupted. But, of course, there was still hope.

That “hope” is the reason for what happened next…

A meeting was called in heaven in which angels were asked to volunteer to come to earth as humans through the normal avenue of birth. The purpose would be to live in the human body, subject to the same difficulties, the same temptations, but through an intuitive remembrance of who they are, they would be able to teach and positively influence at least some of the humans into choosing good and coming back to innocence.

That was when some of the angels volunteered to incarnate as humans, so that is what happened. Those are the beings that Archangel Michael has named Incarnated Angels. They are the same as Earth Angels.  There is no distinction between them.

When the Incarnated Angels came into this earth, it was not easy.  They went through a difficult descent in which they had to give up some of who they were during their stay on earth, (except through meditation). That was very painful. They didn’t come to earth to serve themselves.

They came because they love God and they wanted to help humans choose goodness. They did not come because of karma. Those who volunteered had no karma. They came because they care.

Incarnated Angels live among us

Angels Live Among Us - Angel Readings by ZARAThey come in all countries, in all colors, in both sexes.  They can be ordinary people, mothers, fathers, teachers, neighbors.  They can be leaders, philanthropists, writers, singers, musicians, poets, business people, paramedics, firemen, etc.  In fact, they can be found in almost every field of endeavor.

Sometimes they like their mundane jobs and are comfortable with them.  Sometimes they find themselves in jobs they feel bad about and want to move from.  As humans who just happen to be Incarnated Angels, they run the whole gamut of existence.

Love and Blessings!


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