Incarnated Angels and Humanity

What Affect Do Incarnated Angels Have On Humanity?

IncarnatedAngelsInfluenceIncarnated Angels are actually good angels from on high who have incarnated into a human body for the specific purpose of helping God by doing their best to positively influence the earth and humanity.

The meaning of In-carnate…

In -carnate means to come from spirit into the flesh. While everyone alive is “incarnate”, the wonder that was not known over many centuries is that Angels have the capacity to incarnate into the human body as well. In other words, good Angels of God can actually come into the world in human bodies through the natural process of birth, and when they do so, they do so for a purpose.

Incarnated Angels are beings that were originally created as Angels, and who eventually volunteered to incarnate as humans. This is distinct from most people of the earth who, from their beginning, were created as humans. The Incarnated Angels were beings who were serving God in the higher realms before being asked to volunteer to come to earth to help in the ways they are helping now.

As far back as we can go in human history, some Incarnated Angels have been on earth attempting to Inspire and positively influence humanity. The Incarnated Angels were not forced to come here… they volunteered.

They volunteered to come for two reasons.

  1. The first reason is that they were asked by God, and they wanted to please Him/Her.
  2. The second reason is that they CARE about Goodness and they WANTED to do their part to guide the humans into their highest possibilities, especially regarding how people think and the choices they make.

Of course, everyone on earth has a purpose according to God. Everyone is supposed to know and remember God while here, and to practice love, wisdom and kindness wherever they are. Every single person on the earth is supposed to learn from their mistakes, and whatever lessons in life they come across.

Everyone is also supposed to meditate in order to reflect on life lessons and commune with God. Doing so helps people stay on the straight and narrow path and helps them to accomplish the actual reasons for being here.

Incarnated Angels have a special reason for being incarnate.

LostAndConfused-AngelReadingsByZARAWithout their presence, regular humans are more likely to get lost and confused about how to handle situations with the right attitude. Under negative circumstances, regular humans find themselves easily influenced by the dark side which is always vying for control through pandering wrong attitudes and bad behaviors.

It is important to note that the reason Dark-Side workers encourage such bad attitudes and behavior is because they want the people of the earth to go against God. In line with  their Dark Agenda, they want everyone to “go into agreement” with every bad idea which they, the Dark Side, pumps into society through their mass media, and through various other means.

They think that whenever people take the bait— abandoning higher levels of human interaction in favor of baser, more cynical attitudes and behaviors—that in doing so, people essentially accept karmic responsibility for whatever harm is done. The harm, of course, is a natural result of the bad attitudes and behaviors that the dark side purposely and nefariously manipulated the people into accepting in the first place.

In other words, the Dark Side uses every underhanded trick they can think of in order to manipulate people into ruining their own karma. They don’t want people to just do bad things. They also want people to believe that good is bad and bad is good. They want people to be selfish, cruel, self-centered, and cynical. They want people to hate God, and to have absolutely no interest in helping the earth, helping humanity, or making any real sense of their own lives. They want people to “live for today” and take no thought to the future, or to have any concern as to how their actions will affect others. In other words, they want people to be down and dirty like they are.

AngelsGuardEarth2-AngelReadingsByZARAThe Dark Side would have won their evil game, and would have destroyed the earth completely if it were not for the presence of Incarnated Angels, and for the positive influence that the Incarnated Angels bring. Incarnated Angels have regularly served to at least attempt to ameliorate things, and teach peace on earth, and have, in fact, helped humanity avoid huge disasters that could have utterly destroyed the human race.

So Incarnated Angels being present on earth is not new. Plenty of great men and women who brought positive contributions to humanity were, in fact, Incarnated Angels. Ironically, they themselves may not have realized that this is what they were. What is new, however, is people’s current growing awareness that such a phenomenon as good Angels sometimes incarnating into the human body, actually exists.

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