Guilt Shame and Blame

Saying NO to Guilt, Shame and Blame

Remember, Challenge = Opportunity!

Angels Help Through Changes - ZARAEverybody has made mistakes in the past, and sometimes in remembering those mistakes, the tendency is to feel really badly.  But feeling badly isn’t necessary–as long as we learn from our mistakes and are willing to make important adjustments.

Since late June, 2008, I have been discovering that virtually everyone seems to be going through huge changes in their personal lives. Changes caused by events beyond our control, just about everyone has been hurled into extremely challenging situations concerning issues, which until recently had remained hidden, covered up, or just beyond reach.

Now, these issues are right here in front of our faces, and because they are immediate and intense, they are often very difficult to handle. What is actually happening is that secrets that prevented us from knowing what was really going on for a very long time are rapidly coming to the surface and becoming obvious.

As Archangel Michael has indicated, the reason for the revealing of secrets is that, in order to enlighten us, the angels and masters have been sending a huge amount of blue-spectrum God energy into our planetary atmosphere, and this energy is causing dark-force energies to be exposed, while con- currently, those on the side of light are obviously demonstrating honor, courage and commitment to the good.

With all this Archangel Michael blue-spectrum energy flowing in, great spiritual challenges are naturally taking place, forcing everyone on the planet to choose between the light and the dark, and, unfortunately, not everyone is ready to choose the light.

As this time of separating the wheat from the chaff is upon us, it’s important to consciously choose to do what’s right in your daily life. As there is less gray area, standing up for what’s right is becoming even more important.

Now everybody has made mistakes in their past, and everybody has plenty of opportunity to make more mistakes in their near future.

Everyone has temptations to take the easy way out of a situation, just as everyone has temptations to do something to make the wrong choice, from time to time.

For people dedicated to the light, if you find that you have given in to an inappropriate temptation or made a mistake, STOP and reflect on what just happened. Decide what the proper action would have been and then mentally rehearse doing that in future situations.If anyone was hurt or injured by your actions, make amends. This may require the assistance of a competent Intuitive Spiritual Counselor.

SayNoToGuilt-ZARAThen move on. No guilt. No shame No blame. Just move on knowing you will do it right next time.

Please recognize that at this particular time, anyone who does not consciously choose the light when tested, either wittingly or unwittingly chooses the dark. So for instance, if a person is given the opportunity to stand up for goodness and fails to do so because of fear, laziness, lack of faith, or whatever, they aid the dark side.

Then, even though they may think of themselves as a “good” person, they fail that particular spiritual test. At that point, unless they quickly recognize their error and change their ways, they may actually become an unwitting lackey of the dark side. Bad behavior when repeated can become a bad habit.

Do not blame yourself for the failing of your friends and relatives. They are making the best choices they know how to make with their current knowledge and spiritual level. Pray for them. Be there for them. Model appropriate behavior for them. Call them on their bad behavior.Don’t let them drag you down into their problems. And don’t loan them your money.

And, most importantly, be aware that you are not responsible for decisions that other grown people make. You are only responsible for yourself. You cannot force others to choose the light; you can only choose it for yourself. Then as long as you believe in yourself, and trust in the guidance you receive from God and the Angels, making adjustments where necessary, you will be not only helpful in the cause of light, you yourself will be able to get through the shift with flying colors.

In our next article, we’ll continue this discussion  on how you can feel better, stay spiritually focused, and effectively deal with the changes taking place.

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