Guardian Angel Protection

How Does Your Guardian Angel Protect You?

GuardianAngelsProtection-ZARAIn my last article we began talking about Guardian Angels, who they are and why they exist. In this article we will discuss the ways they can protect you.

Yes, Guardian Angels love and protect, but they seldom interfere.

Because they understand that people have free will, they try to influence people, but they do not force.  They use positive, healing thoughts to subtly influence whomever they’re assigned to, and that means it’s up to the individual to be sensitive enough to receive the guiding thoughts, so it’s important to develop that sensitivity so you can receive more guiding thoughts from YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL.

Warnings from your Guardian Angel…

Sometimes people get warning messages from their Guardian Angels.  The warning may come as a sudden feeling that they need to go home a different way from their usual route.  Then later, they find out that there was an accident along their normal route which they would have been involved in if they had not heeded the guidance of their Guardian Angel.

Or a person could get an inner prompting to call a friend, sister, mother or uncle right then, and when they do, they find out that the loved one was going through something traumatic just then, and the fact that you called when you did turned out to be a godsend.

You probably wouldn’t even be here–wouldn’t even be alive–if it weren’t for the diligent love and protection of your Guardian Angels.  You see, people even if truly on the side of Good, can be targeted and attacked by the Dark Side, not because of anything they ever did bad in their lives, but because the Dark Side is against them for their Goodness. The dark side is against goodness.  Fortunately, when you sincerely choose the side of Goodness, and you try to do your best every day, you will get extra protection from your Guardian Angels, especially when you ask.

When you choose to serve the side of Good…

Listen to Angels-ZARABut what is really most wonderful is that through  awareness of the presence of angels, and through asking for their protection and guidance, angelic guidance and protection can become more noticeable and accessible in your life.  The changes this will make in your life will be phenomenal.  This doesn’t mean your life will get easy, because when you serve Goodness and Spirit, you will end up having a lot of work to do.  Spirit makes certain of this, and the work itself is not easy.  It requires a lot of effort. But you will get help from your angels.

Once your communion with angels begins, as long as you maintain a loving attitude, your communion will continually grow stronger. Then, through angel insight and angel communion, you will discover the benefit of a fuller, richer life, and you will feel more love, more joy and greater peace in your heart than ever before. And besides all this, you will find that many problems you used to worry about will begin to work themselves through, and you will feel blessings from the Divine at work in your life.

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