Good vs Evil

Is There Such a Thing as Good vs Evil?

UniverseofGoodandEvil-ZARAOut in the universe, there are both good and bad entities.  

Not everything out there is good, as many are led to believe.

 In fact, although many have rejected classic models for good and bad adhered to by religions throughout the world, my feeling is that although some religions have twisted the truth and missed the point, there is still a great deal of truth within certain religions.  

A major example of this is the concept of good and evil.  There is a difference between good and bad, and not everything is “good”.  For instance:  People hurting each other and shooting each other is “bad”, otherwise called “evil”.  People being kind and helping each other is “good”.  There can be no doubt about it.  There is a difference between the two. 

Because I recognize the difference and firmly stand for that which is good,  I strive to work only with the highest and the best.

Archangel Michael

In 1996, Archangel Michael chose me as a medium for him and that is the reason I am working with him.  I feel his goodness and the guidance he offers through my mediumship, I’ve experienced as always helping them according to their highest good.  I believe in integrity, so actually helping people through my work is important to me.  For this reason,  I pay a good deal of attention to outcomes for the people I work with.  Overwhelmingly,  I find the outcomes for my clients from the readings and guidance are really beneficial, and this helps me to choose to continue this work.

Some people do not believe there is a difference between good and evil, and through refusing to acknowledge the presence of evil, are not committed to following only the good, because they think that evil does not exist.

Is There Evil or Not?

I disagree with this notion, because it’s illogical.  Anyone can see there is evil in this world simply by turning on the news, and checking out current events, or considering the fact that there have been numerous recognized heinous villains in history.  If any of the people who deny that evil exists are at once confronted by imminent danger and evil facing them, they change their minds and can see the truth.  There is a definite difference between the two.

StMichael-ZARAI am very aware that not all is good in the universe and I am totally committed to working only with the side of Good.  Back in 1996, when Archangel Michael made his first appearance during a Psychic Angel Reading with a client, I knew very little about him, and had not been expecting his appearance at all.

Fortunately, the client who was with me at the time was also psychic, and both of us perceived his presence.  Her recognition, and not just mine alone, was very validating to me, because Jill, (a pseudonym), actually verbalized an awareness of Archangel Michael’s presence before I mentioned it.  This helped me to know that what I was perceiving was real.

Jill and I were both deeply touched and in the next few months, while we stayed connected, we talked about the divine experience we had witnessed.

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