Earth Angels are Needed

How Can Earth Angels Help?

AngelMessengerZARAI’m a Psychic Angel Messenger, and one of my favorite phrases is “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. And the reason I like it is because that saying validates what I have noticed: That although it seems like things are changing, people remain the same – and in many ways, so does the world.

Sometimes, when I watch movies that are about something historical, I am absolutely amazed at how similar problems were and how similar people were to now from way back then – like people fighting over land, and people fighting over status, position, money…Some people are scrupulously honest and some are either completely dishonest or able to be bought or swayed.

This is true with historical movies, like about corruption and treachery within politics and within groups of people from all walks of life, even within families.

Looking at it this way – accurately – is especially important for the earth angels, sometimes referred to as incarnated angels. By this I mean the angels from on high who volunteered to come down from the heavenly realms and incarnate as humans in order to help guide, and be an example for human beings of their higher possibilities.

Earth Angels Must Deal With Corruption on Earth

The reason I say that it’s important for incarnated angels to realize that corruption exists is because as idealistic as earth angels tend to be, they often fool themselves into believing that corruption is going away. But the truth is, as long as we’re living in the physical realm, there will be corruption.

Of course, in a much higher realm – in a place of higher vibrations – there is a place where there is no corruption, but as long as we’re here on earth, there will be low vibrations that tempt people away from goodness and integrity.

At the time we are living in, the vibrations are becoming much higher than they used to be, but as long as we’re here in the physical, all the vibrations possible will be much lower than they are in the higher astral realms.

So again, as I said before, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So as incarnated angels sent here to help guide and inspire people, what good can we do, how can we fulfill our purpose of helping others if “nothing ever changes”?

Importance of Earth Angels’ Influence

Blessings From Angels - ZARAThe good news, as Archangel Michael has revealed to me, is that as long as there are people on earth, there will be some whose lives are positively changed by our influence – so we do make a difference by doing our best to help and guide people.

We can help others by:

  1. Staying in integrity
  2. Loving and caring about others
  3. Meditating and following our intuition
  4. Speaking the truth as we see it
  5. Doing our best at all times

I’ll be writing more about how to do these things in an upcoming blog.

Angels are real and the good ones are here to help us. For this reason, whenever I do Angel Readings with clients, I consult and commune with Angels, and see their loving influence.


ZARA Angel, Psychic Angel Messenger


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