Angels Transform Lives

How Can the Angels Help Transform Your Life?

AngelsHelpTransformLives-ZARAIn the course of my work, I notice that many people believe that the Angels support religious and traditional beliefs, but from my experience over the past fifteen years as a Psychic Angel Reader, I have found that Angels are far more broadminded and empathetic than most people think.

In fact, Angels support clarity, mental and emotional health, and the ability to use the brains God gave us. This means that the ideas Angels support are surprisingly different from the judgmental stance of many religions and other organizations within society – often even including the family.

During my Psychic Angel Readings, I have witnessed many people suddenly comprehend that they have a variety of choices in their lives that they never knew they had. This is how the Angels work. They give us different options and show us how we can transform our lives.

How the Angels helped me become a Psychic Angel Reader…

My gift of communing with Angels came after 23 years of solid daily meditation, and a strong commitment to serve God/Goddess in whatever way I could. It started during the end of my marriage, when I realized I could no longer be with someone who did not share my spiritual commitment, and with whom the feeling of love was all but completely gone. But I didn’t have the strength to leave nor the understanding that leaving him would be in my best spiritual interests. Formerly indoctrinated with the idea that divorce should be avoided at all costs, it took intervention from the Angels to change my mind.

Late one night as I lay sleeping, the Angels came to me and woke me up. Suddenly aroused from a deep sleep, I quickly felt the presence of a multitude of Beings in my bedroom.

My new path…

Angel Miracle Healing - ZARAThey filled the room, and though I couldn’t see them, I was simultaneously aware of their presence, as well as telepathically attuned to the thoughts they wanted me to hear. Through this one-time experience of hearing their thoughts very loudly, I came to understand that my path lay in a very different direction from anything I ever expected, and that I would be out of my marriage in one week.

Deeply distressed, I communed: “Why did you have to show me these things? Now I actually have to do something about it!” They showed me the truth and with this knowledge, I had no choice but to face that my marriage was over, and I needed to get out.

One week later, I made my exit, and five months later, the Angels opened my miraculous ability to commune with them on a daily basis.

The Angels chose the mission I’m on, and over time I’ve come to understand that I am here to get helpful messages from the Angels and to bring these messages to YOU…Over time, since these important changes transpired in my life, many of which were extremely difficult, I’ve learned to Let Go and Let God and simply allow my path to unfold.

This path has gratefully led me into bringing helpful messages from Angels to thousands, and I have watched many people’s lives get positively transformed through this work…ZARA’s Psychic Angel Readings.

Your new path…

Often the problem-solving advice the Angels give in a reading is radically different from anything the clients have ever expected to hear. This happens when Angels help people see their past and their patterns from a completely new perspective – through clarity instead of confusion. Then many subconscious codependent ideas that the clients previously accepted are reexamined, closely scrutinized, and are frequently shown to be accurate. In a sudden epiphany, the clients then experience new emotional freedom and are able to see their lives and their paths more clearly than ever before. Then, their CHOICES become clear.

AkashicRecords-ZARAThe Angels love to help people get over past negative programming. One of the ways they do this in a session is through describing information from the Akashic records.

These vast records, which the Angels wrote in the first place, contain every detail of every single thing that has happened in each of our lives. They also describe every thought you have had, and every thought that the other people have had about you. During a reading, the Angels help me access these Akashic Records, and the clients then discover not only how their problems got started, but also how they can be changed.

As these Angelic realizations occur, I enjoy watching my clients wake up from a daze – and realize they can make positive, significant changes in their lives in ways they never even thought of before! They find they can let go of issues, deal with old problems in new, effective ways, and be happy and joyful each and every day, regardless of other people and regardless of old circumstances that used to hold them back.


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