Angels and Akashic Records

Your Akashic Records Are Recorded By Angels

AkashicRecordsbyAngels-ZARAThe Akashic Records exist in the mind of God.  Within the mind of God, everything you ever said, did, or thought in your lifetime was recorded by the angels.  Just as a tape or video recorder records everything that is happening around it when it’s on, so it is with things that happen in your life.  They’re just recorded. The recordings are made without judgment.  They just exist. They are made by a loving God, so that when you die, for instance, you can go though a full life-review, and witness every moment that ever happened to you in a very timeless manner.  Those who have experienced this phenomenon in near-death situations say that their whole life goes before their eyes in an extremely quick fashion.  In fact, they go through many different scenarios simultaneously, and they report that they’re able to absorb all this information at once.

The Mind of God

Bear in mind that the mind of God is the mind of Love, because God is Love, so there is nothing to fear in knowing that everything is recorded.  Rather, it is good news.  The fact that information is stored in the ether is the same reason we can access information from our brains.  The brain itself is a receiving and processing device.  If the information was not stored somewhere, even in the brain itself, it couldn’t be accessed.  Also, in terms of psychic readings with an adept reader such as myself, the fact that I can access information about the person who comes to me for a reading, is because their information is stored in the ether, in the Akashic Records.

In my readings,  I am working with Archangel Michael, and as I experience Archangel Michael, he only wants good for the people involved.  For my clients, he always wants the best.  So as he relates information through my readings about the person, he always does so in a loving manner, helping the client feel understood, appreciated and loved.  Through my mediumship, he shows them ways they can change their patterns to effectively stand up for themselves, and make positive changes to enhance their happiness, spirituality, love, relationships and prosperity in their lives.

No need to fear your Akashic Records…

Angel Miracle Healing - ZARAWhile I am aware that sometimes people are afraid to know what is in their Akashic Records because they think it could be bad, what they need to remember is that the angels of goodness, helping to record everything that happens in your life, are definitely on your side for your highest good and greatest happiness.  They will never hurt you.  They will always help you.

So yes, in my way of thinking, not only are the Akashic Records accurate representations of everything that ever happened to you in this life and previous lives, but these records are kept by angels.

Why?  Because everything that has happened and will happen has significance for your understanding.  Remember, we are here to grow. We’re not just here to be born, get through childhood, become an adult, get married or not get married, have children or not have children, grow old and die.  We’re here to receive edification, seek out knowledge, love others, help others, develop wisdom, and seek a strong loving relationship with God.  That’s why we’re here.

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