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Simple, Yet Beautiful Truths That Can Be Learned From the Teachings of Angels


Numerous people have asked me to help them discern what their true purpose here on earth really is. After they ask me that, I commune with the Angels so I can give them the answer they are looking for. But since many of the  people who come for Angel Readings are the type who want to do their part to make the world a better place, they expect the Angels to start off my naming the profession they should be involved in, and they usually expect the answer to coincide with something they’ve already thought of—a career, a project, a book to write, a cause to serve.

Beauty in a simple purpose…

However, what I’ve noticed is that while the angels will get to that eventually, they usually start out with something very simple – a mere concept. Then later, when they do mention professions and so forth, the Angels teach that there is more than one way for Incarnated Angels to fulfill their true purpose here on earth, and they have several choices that would work equally as well. The most important thing is that their career or path they choose harmonize with the simple concept that is their true purpose – whether that coincides with the idea they have previously been wondering about, or not.

Profound yet simple…

You see, in my capacity as Angel Advocate, Psychic and Angel Reader, I have learned that according to the Angels, your true purpose can actually be summed up in a single positive concept. Examples are:

  • PurposeofJoy-AngelReadingsbyZARA“One who brings joy to people”
  • “One who is a truth teller”
  • “One who helps people get free from shackles”
  • “One who enlightens people through their voice”
  • “One who holds the energy of goodness”
  • and more…

And when Angels, Incarnated as Humans, receive their true purpose in my Angel Readings, they are often stunned because the answer is so simple and yet so profound. This insight often clarifies the reasons for their greatest interests, showing options about how they can manifest their purpose through life-choices and career, and offers opportunities of unlimited expansion.

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