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Angel Blessings Can Help You Change Your Life

Angel Blessings - ZARAWhile living on this earth, most people seem convinced that they should fit in and be like everybody else. They are afraid to stand out and risk looking different, because they are worried about lack of acceptance and harassment.

But for some who are actually Incarnated Angels, Earth Angels or angels in human form, I have an urgent message for you. Instead of compromising your worthy ideals in order to gain acceptance from people who will not truly accept you anyway, get more in touch with your intuition and, just as God intended you to do in the first place, follow your dreams!

“But how can I do this?” you may ask…Well I’ve thought about it a great deal, and I’m giving you a brief outline of a recipe that will work for you if you use it: Spend time thinking about a worthy goal you’d love to achieve. Then plan it out and do it.

Think and Be Creative

Every single person who lives on this earth is here to think and be creative in life. In addition, everyone is here to help others and do their part to make the world a better place. We are not here for the purpose of just looking around for a comfortable niche to feel normal in.

NOTE: This applies doubly to the Incarnated Angels that I am here to guide and to help through my professional Angel Readings.

But truly, it applies to everybody. We are here to Think and Be Creative about how to be caring and loving and bring more Good into the world – as much as we possibly can.

So the next thing is to Choose a Worthy Goal

In choosing a worthy goal and achieving it, the initial step is to first say prayers for guidance, and then daydream,, and notice the thoughts as they surface in your mind. As you do this, you are allowing your subconscious to assist you in determining your goals. This is good because it opens the floodgate to whatever it is that you’d really like to achieve.

Angels and Success - ZARA

After spending some time daydreaming and allowing your thoughts to surface, write down the pertinent ideas that occur to you. At this point, don’t edit…just write. You may be surprised at the lofty aspirations that spring forth, but just let them come. The chances are there that even if achieving these goals seems impossible to you at the moment, in time, with angels’ help, these worthy goals may be yours.

The next step towards getting what you soulfully want is to be genuinely grateful for the gifts you already have. There’s no way around it. If you want to change your life and achieve your goals, this step is necessary. You need to be grateful, or nothing else will work.

“Wait a minute”, you may ask, “How about if just about everything in my life is extremely far from from what I want to be, what then? Am I supposed to be ‘grateful’ for situations I hate? What if I feel very frustrated about almost everything in life”? How can I feel ‘grateful’ for that? And also, what if I really can’t believe it could change and feel that all this positive thinking stuff is just fantasy? What then?”

Then you’ll need to change your attitude

The reason for this is quite simple…

Blessings From Angels - ZARABefore the angels are able to bring more blessings in your life than you currently have, you will need to open your eyes and see the blessings they have already brought you. Then, when you become aware of the blessings you already have, you need to experience thanksgiving. In this way, you will not only be opening up an avenue for added blessings in your life, you will also have a richer understanding of the meaning of life.

Blessings and beauty are all around. Angelic gifts of many kinds are given to you each day. When you allow yourself to become aware of this, and become positively grateful for what you already have, you will find yourself relaxing more and becoming better at receiving greater gifts than the ones you already have. Then the angels will be able to add more blessings in your life and your heart, and besides the gifts you asked for, there will be more peace within your soul.

Remember, your life, as well as the lives of everyone else, are made of days, months, and years, and we can only live one day at at time. So, realizing this, go in the direction of your goal a day at a time. Spend your time thinking…jotting down ideas, planning, writing an outline of how you can accomplish your goal, and working in the direction of your goal in steps.

Meanwhile, pace yourself wisely and understand that with each step you take in your well thought out plan, you will be getting that much closer to accomplishing your goal. And with your consistent effort and blessings from the angels, you will succeed.

Love and Blessings,


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